Transport: The school provides transport system to carry the students from school to home through maruti van/van riksha as per guardians decided demand on paying extra fee as per by the school. The fees may be variable for different students according the distance of their home from school.

Library: The school has an excellent collection containing multiple copies of latest reference books, story books, Drawing books, G.K books, Child’s magazines and many other important books for the students.

Magazine: Magazine is an important part of a school and publishing of a magazine enriches the dignity of a school and the taste and choice of the school authorities. Though a magazine we can get a clear view of a school. Magazine helps school authority to hunt the talent. Different types of creative writings like poem, Drama, Story etc are taken from the students. In this way of writing in the magazine ,the students can be benefited from two sides. In the one hand they become interested and get the confidence on themselves and on the other hand their creative abilities begin to bloom. So the necessity of magazine is beyond description. We will also publish magazine every year to influence the students, to enrich their creativity by which they can be praised by the big gains of the society as when the buds bloom into flower, gets the prais of people.